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Steve Dravland
Manager of Environmental Engineering
John Morrell & Co.

"ACS does all of the storm water sampling and testing for my facilities in Sioux City and Sioux Falls. They also do required drinking water sampling and analysis, as well as non-contact testing. I use ACS because they are an accredited laboratory that has the experience and expertise to do multiple types of water and wastewater sampling and testing. ACS service has been for many years second to none. Their project results have consistently been first rate. Their response time and turn around time on sample data is very good. Sharlyn Franco and her staff generate clear and concise reports, as well as billings. ACS has a wide selection of services available and continues to expand their services."

Peg Weidler
HACCP/Food Safety Systems Specialist
Water Program Monitoring
John Morrell & Co.

"I have known Sharlyn Franco for 20 years through business relations. ACS’ results are concise and well documented, plus their documentation is always received in a timely and professional manner. ACS has been a pleasure to work with…whatever testing that I require or documentation needed to fulfill system programs, I don’t have to worry, ACS completes as I ask. They have been a great help at John Morrell in reducing the heavy load of testing conducted at this facility."

Jeff Tuttle
Wastewater Manager, Michael Foods
Wakefield, NE

"I needed a laboratory to do analytical testing on our wastewater for compliance reporting and found ACS via the Internet. My initial reason for choosing them was location…now the reason is their commitment to quality. Their service is another reason I have stayed with them for 4 years. They provide excellent communication to insure their service and response time is sufficient. As a family-run business, they always get to know their customers and their needs. They make a point to insure the communication stays strong for continued business between our companies. They have a positive impact on my business by keeping prices in check and by keeping lab errors to a minimum, insuring their results are always accurate."

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