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At ACS we use the latest techniques to ensure that our customers are supplied with fast, accurate test results. We stay current with applicable regulations and new laboratory methodologies and procedures. As part of our Laboratory Certification and Quality Assurance Plans, we participate in the DMR-QA, Water Pollution & Water Supply Laboratory Proficiency Testing Programs.

Our Laboratory Quality Assurance Plan also incorporates analysis of duplicate samples, spiked samples, analytical standards, instrument calibrations and statistical examination of analyses performed in the laboratory. Our laboratory testing includes:

Water/Wastewater Analysis
The most valuable substance on earth? Water. Pure, clean water is vital to the health of any living organism. We can monitor your water supply to identify possible harmful contaminants, determine compliance with Drinking Water Standards, and help you meet regulatory requirements. At ACS, we perform an increasing range of drinking water analysis including coliform, E.coli, nitrate, nitrite and fluoride to name a few. We also test wastewater for a wide variety of contaminants and provide businesses with the quality reports and defensible data they need for wastewater compliance and regulatory requirements.
We are available for on-site sampling at your convenience.

Feeds and Meats Analysis
Feeds and Meats producers are faced with the difficult task of producing quality product while maintaining regulatory standards week after week. The only way to succeed is to have full knowledge of your raw materials and your process. ACS analyzes feeds and meats for a number of parameters including: moisture, fat, protein, ash, phosphorous, calcium and salt. We also offer microbiology testing.

We understand the importance of a fast turnaround to the industries we serve and are proud to provide them with 24/7 service. Accuracy is especially critical when it comes to feeds and meats, which is why we are proud of our 99% proficiency rating and our vast number of satisfied clients.

Fats and Oils Analysis
Our laboratory performs analysis of fats and oils for moisture content, free fatty acids, peroxide value and insoluble impurities, as well as other parameters. We will provide you with prompt, detailed reports that are easy to read and understand.

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